ⓘ Bryomorphe


ⓘ Bryomorphe

Bryomorphe is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the daisy family, Asteraceae, containing the single species Bryomorphe aretioides. It is endemic to South Africa, where it grows in sandstone fynbos in the Western Cape.

It is a compact, tufted plant that looks like a patch of moss. It forms a mound only a few centimeters. Branches covered with small, linear leaves. Flower heads contain 6 or 7 white ligulate flowers and with a 7 to 9 red florets of the disk. The fruit has a plumelike white Pappus.

Grows on open, rocky habitat, anchoring in thin soil accumulated in rock crevices. It tolerates low temperatures, dry wind and snow.

The plant is widespread in its range and does not fall.

Another species name, Bryomorphe lycopodioides, is synonymous ericoides Dolichothrix.