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ⓘ Villacorta

Spelling variations of this family surname include Villacreses, Villacrecis, and Villacrusis. It was first found in Andalusia, in Southern Spain, the chief city being Seville and ancient pre-Roman Iberian town. Some of the first settlers of this family name were: Andres de Villacorta, who arrived in Americas in 1812, and Diego de Villacorta, who landed in America in 1814.

This Spanish Villacorta surname so the name literally means one who came from the Villa, which was a Spanish dwelling name from any of numerous places so called, which received its name from the Spanish Villa or settlement. The court had a Nickname, which was derived from etiquette, from the old French word curteis meaning courteous, in feudal society, one of courtly manners, well educated man. Surnames as we know them today, were first held in Europe from the 11th to the 15th century. Employment in the use of a second name was a custom that was first introduced from the Normans. They not long before adopted them. She became, over time, the mark of gentler blood, and it was considered a disgrace for men to have but one single name as meaner this was not. At first the coat of arms was a practical question that serve on the battlefield and in tournaments. With his helmet-armet, covering the face, and plate armour encasing the knight from head to toe, the only means of identification for his followers, signs painted on his shield and embroidered on his cloak, the flowing and draped garment worn over the armor.

For centuries, most people in Europe have accepted their surname as a fact of life, as irrevocable as an act of God. How many people can be liked or disliked the surname, they were stuck with him, and people rarely change their personal choice. A more common form of variation was in fact involuntary, when an official has been changed, in other words, that the error occurred. Among the more humble classes of European society, and especially among illiterate people were ready to accept the mistakes of officials, clerks, and priests, officially bestowing a new version of their names, as they meekly took the name they were born with. In North America, the linguistic problems confronting immigration officials at Ellis island in the 19th century were legendary as a prolific source of pronunciation.

Family member it is worth noting that the previously found records is that Francisco Enriques de Villacorta, 1616, the son of don Diego de Villacorta and Lady Isabel Henriques. He studied medicine at the University of alcalá was founded in 1499, and located in alcalá de Henares northeast of Madrid in Spain and received his doctorate in 1641. As head of the Department of prima, and later he was a major figure of public health of the University during the third quarter of the XVII century. He married March 29, 1655 to Hippolyta Hidalgo de Quintanilla, with whom he had three children. In 1664 and he was a doctor in the camera real. There is also the wife of Cristobal Ponce de Leon, Beatriz Sarmiento de Villacorta estimates, up to 1594 in Olmedo, Valladolid, Spain, the mother of Belshazzar Ponce de Leon Sarmiento, born in C-1514 in Ocana Olmedo g, Seville, Spain.

Family Villacorta, last name from Aragon, repeatedly proved his nobility in the Royal Chancellery of Valladolid. Their family crest or coat of arms is described as blue or Azure, and nine car wheels of gold, the Spanish nobleman or Nobiliario Spanish, don Julio de Atienza, Pag. 760, Madrid, 1959.

  • Juan Vicente Villacorta Diaz January 22, 1764, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador November 1, 1828, Guatemala was a Central American politician. From July 10
  • Licenciado Jose Damian Villacorta Cañas 1796, Zacatecoluca, El Salvador June 11, 1860, Nueva San Salvador was a Salvadoran lawyer and politician. He
  • Alonso de Mercado y Villacorta Marquis of Villacorta was a Spanish civil servant, acting in the Rio de la Plata area of the Viceroyalty of Peru. Born
  • Felix Matias Villacorta born 29 March 1997 is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Fenix. Villacorta started with San Lorenzo
  • Manuel Ricardo Villacorta Orantes born 29 March 1959 is a Guatemalan politician, professor and writer. He served as Guatemala s ambassador to Israel
  • Eduardo Orrego Villacorta September 12, 1933 in Chiclayo December 24, 1994 in Lima was a Peruvian architect and politician in the early 1980s. He
  • Jorge Villacorta is a Peruvian art critic and independent curator, with a strong interest in contemporary visual arts. He is also the co - founder and academic
  • show. The forty - five - minute scripted drama tells the story of Lovelia Villacorta played by Poe a woman who turns vengeful against the people who wronged
  • Josepmir Aaron Ballon Villacorta born 21 March 1988 is a Peruvian footballer who plays for Alianza Lima and the Peru national football team, as a defensive
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