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ⓘ Detective

The film takes places completely in and around a grand hotel. Prospero used to be the hotels private detective, but was fired two years previously when he was not able to figure out who killed a guest known only as The Prince. As the film opens, Prospero is staying at the hotel, determined to solve the case. Helping him are his nephew, Inspector Neveau, and Neveaus girlfriend Arielle. Emile is at the hotel to settle a debt with Jim Fox Warner, a fight promoter. Emiles airline shuttle service is failing, as his marriage to Francoise, who joins him at the hotel and ends up having an affair with Jim. Also on the scene are Tiger Jones, Jims protege, and an Old Mafioso, who seems to be on an endless journey around the hotel lobby accompanied by a young girl.


1. Cast

  • Johnny Hallyday as Jim Fox Warner
  • Julie Delpy as Wise young girl
  • Laurent Terzieff as William Prospero
  • Nathalie Baye as Françoise Chenal
  • Aurelle Doazan as Arielle
  • Claude Brasseur as Emile Chenal
  • Alain Cuny as Old Mafioso
  • Emmanuelle Seigner as Princess of the Bahamas
  • Jean-Pierre Leaud as Inspector Neveu