ⓘ Harry's War (1981 film)


ⓘ Harrys War (1981 film)

Harrys War is a 1981 American comedy-drama film from American Film Consortium and Taft International Pictures, starring Edward Herrmann, Geraldine Page, Karen Grassle, David Ogden Stiers, Elisha Cook, Salome Jens and Noble Willingham. It was written and directed by Kieth Merrill.


1. Plot

After his aunt dies of a heart attack while fighting the IRS, Harry Johnson decides to take up the cause in what may seem to be an unconventional manner: he declares war on the IRS. After the funeral of Harrys aunt, Harry uses a Half-track to sabotage a television interview of his IRS nemesis. Several violent outcomes occur with some anti-government rhetoric.


2. Cast

  • Noble Willingham - Major F. Andrews, United States Army
  • Karen Grassle - Kathy Johnson
  • David Ogden Stiers - Ernie Scelera, IRS District Director
  • Salome Jens - Wilda Crawley, IRS Agent
  • Douglas Dirkson - Francis Kane alias Draper, IRS Agent
  • Edward Herrmann - Harry Johnson
  • Geraldine Page - Aunt Beverly Payne
  • Jim McKrell - Roger Scofield, Newsman
  • James Ray - Croft, IRS Commissioner
  • Alan Cherry - Chester Clim, IRS Agent #1
  • Bruce Robinson - IRS Agent #2
  • Elisha Cook, Jr. as Elisha Cook - Sergeant Billy Floyd

3. Television

SelecTV, ONTV, HBO and other premium cable movie channels ran the film in 1982, but it has never seen a network television premiere or any other broadcast since.


4. Legacy

In a mid-1980s interview with David Ogden Stiers, who played the IRS director in the film, was asked what his favorite role had been and the interviewer was expecting him to say something about his character in M*A*S*H, but instead he paused for a second and said "There was this movie about the IRS and I was the biggest in the office."

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