ⓘ Orphan (disambiguation)


ⓘ Orphan (disambiguation)

  • Orphans Dennis Kelly play, a 2009 play by Dennis Kelly
  • The Orphan play, 1680 play written by Thomas Otway
  • Orphans Lyle Kessler play, a 1983 play by Lyle Kessler

1. Science and technology

  • Orphan process, a computer process whose parent process has finished
  • Orphan receptor, apparent receptor that has a similar structure to other identified receptors but whose endogenous ligand has not yet been identified
  • Orphan source, a self-contained radioactive source that is no longer under proper regulatory control
  • Orphan disease, a rare disease
  • Orphan drug, one developed under the 1983 U.S. Orphan Drug Act for orphan diseases
  • Orphaned technology, technology that has been abandoned by its original developers

2. Other uses

  • Les Orphan 1923–1995, Welsh footballer
  • Orphan works, copyrighted works whose holder is hard to find
  • Orphan typesetting, the first line of a paragraph appearing at the bottom of a page
  • Orphans, a regional faction of Hussites followers
  • Orphan car, any marque of motor vehicle built by a manufacturer that has discontinued business entirely