ⓘ Subcutaneous T-cell lymphoma


ⓘ Panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma

Subcutaneous T-cell lymphoma is a cutaneous condition that most commonly presents in young adults, and is characterized by subcutaneous nodules. Common symptoms include fever, fatigue, and pancytopenia.

  • Cutaneous T cell lymphoma CTCL is a class of non - Hodgkin lymphoma which is a type of cancer of the immune system. Unlike most non - Hodgkin lymphomas which
  • T - cell lymphoma Extranodal natural killer T - cell lymphoma nasal type Enteropathy type T - cell lymphoma Subcutaneous panniculitis - like T - cell lymphoma
  • Extranodal NK T - cell lymphoma nasal type ENKTCL - NT also termed angiocentric lymphoma nasal - type NK lymphoma NK T - cell lymphoma polymorphic malignant
  • Diffuse large B - cell lymphoma DLBCL is a cancer of B cells a type of lymphocyte that is responsible for producing antibodies. It is the most common
  • marginal zone lymphomas represent a heterogeneous group of diseases characterized by solitary or multiple dermal or subcutaneous nodules. Lymphomas included
  • Hepatosplenic T - cell lymphoma Subcutaneous panniculitis - like T - cell lymphoma Mycosis fungoides Sezary syndrome Primary cutaneous CD30 - positive T - cell lymphoproliferative
  • intravenous immune lymphocytes could treat bulky subcutaneous FBL3 lymphomas Administration of IL - 2 after cell transfer enhanced therapeutic potential. In
  • Peripheral T cell lymphomas PTCL are a group of NK - cell or T - cell malignancies that include extranodal NK T cell lymphoma nasal type, peripheral T cell lymphoma
  • T M. Stein, R. Chang, C. - H. 2009 CD20 - targeted tetrameric interferon - a novel and potent immunocytokine for the therapy of B - cell lymphomas
  • syndrome or granuloma fungoides, is the most common form of cutaneous T - cell lymphoma It generally affects the skin, but may progress internally over time
  • cell transplantation are as follows: Acute myeloid leukemia AML Chronic myeloid leukemia CML Acute lymphoblastic leukemia ALL Hodgkin lymphoma HL
  • Subcutaneous panniculitis - like T - cell lymphoma M9709 3 Cutaneous T - cell lymphoma NOS C44. Cutaneous lymphoma NOS M9714 3 Anaplastic large cell lymphoma