ⓘ Twaddle-Pedroli Ranch


ⓘ Twaddle-Pedroli Ranch

The Twaddle-Pedroli Ranch, also known as the Jackson-Harp Ranch, Rand Property and the Wilson Commons Ranch, was purchased by John Twaddle in 1869 for.000. The ranch, several miles to the north of Franktown, Nevada and adjacent to the Bowers Mansion, was then known as the Sturtevant Ranch. The property amounted to 630 acres.

John twaddle sold the ranch in 1885 to the brothers Stefano and Anselmo Pedroli for $3.000. In Pedrolis was a Swiss-born Italian, who worked as a cattleman in the valley Washoe. After buying out Anselmo, Stefano developed a dairy business, shipping fresh milk and cheese to miners working the Comstock lode. Pedrolis son, William, took over the ranch by Stefanos death in 1924.

On July 7, 1943, Eleanor Roosevelt visited the ranch while on a walk with her friend Gertrude Pratt, which took place in the period of stay on the raging ranch DG in order to obtain a divorce.

Pedroli ranch passed in 1948, the Harp brothers, Inc. and was managed by John Jackson. Then Willson / the Rand family owned the property from 1956 to 1986. In danger of commercial development, the facility was acquired by the Department Washoe County parks in 1986, under the condition that it will be called the Wilson Commons ranch. and became a County Park. The Park includes 25 acres only 10 hectares, 5 hectares 2.0 hectares, including the historical center of the ranch.

Structures do not include the main ranch house, which do not retain significant historic integrity and was demolished in 1998. Other structures include a barn, chicken coop, Milk house, two-bedroom apartment, Tack house, and outhouse, built by the administration of the progress of work in 1938-39 under a fly-proof privy program Nevada. Some pens remain.

The hotel was placed on the national register of historic places in 2000.

A forest fire destroyed most of the buildings, including a barn in 2016, very little remains.

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