ⓘ Oceàna (opera)


ⓘ Oceàna (opera)

Oceàna is an opera in three acts composed by Antonio Smareglia to a libretto in Italian by Silvio Benco. It premiered at La Scala on 22 January 1903 in a performance conducted by Arturo Toscanini.


1. Synopsis

Setting: a village in Roman Syria

A beautiful young woman, Nersa, is being wooed by the elderly Vadar. Nersa is fascinated when Ers, a sea spirit, tells her mysterious tales of life in the sea and of Init, the god of the waters. When her village decides to punish her for trying to leave, Uls another sea spirit disguised as an old man suggests that her punishment should be to spend three days and nights alone on the seashore. While she is there, Init appears, accompanied by his water nymphs and sirens, and courts Nersa, naming her Oceàna. Vadar and his brother, Hareb, arrive in a boat. Init orders the sirens to drive the men insane. As Hareb starts to go mad, Nersa reluctantly says farewell to the sea and returns to the village with Vadar. Although she agrees to marry Vadar, she still dreams of Init. On the day of Nersa and Vadars wedding, Init appears and convinces Nersa to flee with him. Vadar discovers them in an embrace and decides to free Nersa from her promise of marriage, asking only that the god cure Hareb of his insanity and instead make Vadar insane. For Vadar, life has no meaning without his beloved Nersa.


2. Recording

The 13 minute overture to Oceàna can be heard on:

  • Antonio Smareglia: Ouvertures e Intermezzi - Orchestra Sinfonica Lituana di Vilnjus, Silvano Frontalini conductor. Label: Bongiovanni 2142
  • Oceana, a cruise ship Oceana Publications, a U.S. law publisher Oceàna opera by Antonio Smareglia The Commonwealth of Oceana a 1656 political tract
  • revised as Pittori Fiamminghi, opera 1893 Nozze istriane opera 1895 La falena opera 1897 Oceàna opera 1903 Abisso opera 1914 Croatia, Church Books
  • The Tinker Antonio Smareglia 1854 1929 Nozze istriane, La falena, Oceàna Bedeich Smetana 1824 1884 The Bartered Bride Prodana nevesta The Brandenburgers
  • at both the Berlin State Opera and the Stadtische Oper Berlin in 1947, and at the Munich State Opera and Vienna State Opera in 1950. Beginning in 1951
  • heard on CD. 1903: Vassili in Siberia Umberto Giordano 1903: Init in Oceàna Antonio Smareglia 1904: Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly Giacomo Puccini
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