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List of parks in the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area

The list contains the largest contiguous public parks-preserves within 30 miles of either Baltimore, Maryland or Washington, D.C., which is within the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area. Patuxent River Park - Merkle - Jug Bay Wetlands - House Creek, Maryland; 8.575 acres 35 km 2 Eastern Neck, Maryland; 2.285 acres 9 km 2 Patuxent River State Park, Maryland; 6.650 acres 27 km 2 Great Falls, Virginia - C & O Canal, Maryland - Riverbend, Virginia - Scotts Run, Virginia - Carderock, Maryland; 3.440 acres 14 km 2 Sugarloaf Mountain - Monocacy River - C & O Canal, Maryland; 5.790 acres 23 km ...

List of parks in Cincinnati

The City of Cincinnati parks system has five regional and 70 neighborhood parks and 34 nature preserves operated by the Cincinnati Park Board. The following is an list of these protected areas in Cincinnati, Ohio:

List of parks in Fort Wayne, Indiana

This is a list of parks in Fort Wayne, Indiana. As of 2009, the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department maintained 86 public parks, including three golf courses, totaling 2.805 acres. The department also cares for 45.100 street trees and 15.000 park trees. The largest park in the system is Franke Park which covers 329.24 acres, while the smallest is Orff Park which covers.02 acres. The Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory gardens cover 24.500-square-foot, displaying over 1.200 plants of 502 different species and 72 types of cactus. The private parks listing only includes parks wit ...

List of parks in Jacksonville, Florida

The city of Jacksonville, Florida operates the largest urban park system in the United States, providing facilities and services at more than 337 locations on more than 80.000 acres located throughout the city. In addition to municipal parks, there are ten state parks, five national facilities, and several other gardens and arboretums in the area.

List of parks in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Fort Rock Cave, has served as a vital part of the Native American lifestyle. Collier Memorial State Park, features a campground and outdoor museum of historic logging equipment dating to the 1880s along the shores of the Williamson River. Jackson F. Kimball State Recreation Site, a pristine site located at the headwaters of the Wood River. OC&E Woods Line State Trail, Oregons longest linear park, a 100-mile rail trail.

List of Los Angeles bike paths

California Bike Paths are explicitly defined in Chapter 1000 of the Highway Design Manual published by the California Department of Transportation. Class I Bike Lanes are completely separate from traffic, Class II Bike Lanes are on-street marked bike lanes and Class III Bike Routes are a street with signs denoting that it is a bicycle route; the street may also have sharrows. Los Angeles Countys bike paths are uncovered by any warranties as to fitness for safe cycling. This is in direct contrast to ordinary city streets. There are two pieces of case law which establish this clearly, one of ...


List of parks in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio has numerous municipal parks, several regional parks, and privately-owned parks. The citys recreation and parks department operates 370 parks, with a combined 13.500 acres.


List of parks in Charleston, South Carolina

The first Board of Park Commissioners in Charleston, South Carolina, United States, was formed in 1895. The City of Charlestons Grounds Maintenance Division takes care of public green spaces. The Charleston Parks Conservancy is a non-profit working to renovate and improve the citys parks. The Charleston Horticultural Society is active in promoting the quality of the citys gardens.


List of parks in Los Angeles

Municipal parks come under the administration of the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks. The overseeing body is the Department of Recreation and Park Board of Commissioners. The first parks date back to 1889 under the Citys first Freeholder Charter.


List of parks in Portland, Oregon

The city of Portland, Oregon, has more than 10.000 acres of public parks and other natural areas, including one of the largest municipal parks in the United States, Forest Park. Many are managed by Portland Parks & Recreation. One of the smallest - at 61 centimetres in diameter - is Mill Ends Park. There are at least 279 parks and natural areas in Portland. The development of the Portlands Park system was largely guided by the 1903 Olmsted plan for the Park.