ⓘ Yom Tov Torah readings


ⓘ Yom Tov Torah readings

On Yom Tov, entire parshiot of the Torah are not read in the synagogue. Rather, select portions of a parsha, generally pertaining to the holiday, are read. These readings are usually shorter than a full parsha.

When a Yom Tov other than Yom Kippur falls on a day, excluding Saturdays, reading consists of five sections, not including Maftir. On Yom Kippur, six readings will take place.

All these days, the Maftir is read from another part of the Torah. Two Torah scrolls are removed from the ark. This is because it is difficult and time consuming to roll the scroll to a point where the Maftir is located. In the Maftir readings come from Parsha Pinchas.

The Torah is read on Yom Tov during Shacharit. No reading of Mincha on Yom Tov other than Yom Kippur if the day falls on Shabbat, when the regular Sabbath readings for the week reading. The Torah reading at Mincha on fast days.

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