ⓘ Arani (state assembly constituency)


ⓘ Arni (state assembly constituency)

Arni is a state assembly constituency in Tiruvannamalai district of Tamil Nadu, India, which includes the city of Arni. Until and including the 2006 elections, the constituency was part of the Vellore constituency for national elections to the Parliament of India, thereafter, it has been part of the Arani parliamentary constituency.

  • Arani otherwise spelled Arni also Periya arani is a town and a municipality in Tiruvanamalai district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The name comes
  • identification number 74. Extant of Chharra Assembly constituency is KC Chharra, PCs Barala, Dilalpur Sunhera, Nausha, Arni of Barala KC Chharra NP of Atrauli
  • National Highway - 361. Arni Vidhan Sabha constituency is one of the 288 constituencies of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Vidhan Sabha and one
  • India constituency in Tamil Nadu. It was created during the 2008 assembly delimitation from the former Vandavasi constituency Arni constituency is composed
  • district. The remaining constituencies from Yavatmal district, Wani and Arni are part of Chandrapur Lok Sabha constituency while Umarkhed is part of
  • Sabha constituency along with five other assembly constituencies viz Rajura, Ballapur, Chandrapur SC from Chandrapur district and Wani and Arni from
  • Rajura Assembly constituency is one of the six constituencies of the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha located in the Chandrapur district. It is a part of the
  • Chandrapur - 71 SC Ballarpur - 72 Warora - 75 Wani - 76 Arni - 80 ST As of Chandrapur Lok Sabha constituency 1952: Mulla Abdullabhai Mulla Taherali, Indian
  • SC Anaicut Arni After delimitation and from 2009 Indian general election the constituency is composed of following legislative assembly satta mandram
  • Yavatmal - Washim Lok Sabha constituency while Wani and Arni SC are part of Chandrapur Lok Sabha constituency As of 2008, the constituency comprised the entire
  • elected the 288 members of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in newly organised assembly constituencies after the delimitation approved in 2008. The results
  • The present Indian state of Maharashtra came into existence on 1 May 1960. The number of constituencies of the first Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha, the lower