ⓘ 9th Prince


ⓘ 9th Prince

9th Prince is an American rapper, musician and one of the founding members of rap group Killarmy. He was initially responsible for bringing the various members together, under the guide of his brother. He released his solo debut album Granddaddy Flow in 2003. He is the younger brother of RZA. He went by the alias Madman & Iron Fingers, especially in his early recordings. 9th Prince gets his name from the kung-fu movie Shaolin Prince. He has pushed hard for a reunion album with his group, and helped to release a greatest hits album.


1. Discography


  • 2008 Prince of New York
  • 2011 Salute the General EP
  • 2010 One Man Army 2010
  • 2010 Revenge of the 9th Prince
  • 2003 Grandaddy Flow
  • 2018 The Madmans Revenge
  • 2014 Shaolin Prince

With Killarmy

  • Singles: "Swinging Swords," "Camouflage Ninjas"/"Wake Up," "Wu-Renegades"/"Clash of the Titans"
  • 1997 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  • Singles: "Red Dawn"/"Where I Rest At," "The Shoot-Out"
  • 1998 Dirty Weaponry
  • Singles: "Street Monopoly"/"Monster," "Feel It"/"Militant," "Nonchalantly"
  • 2001 Fear, Love & War
  • 2011 Greatest Hits

Guest appearances

  • Caper Lords of Mayhem featuring 9th Prince and shutterworth Lords of Chaos 2017
  • RZA Fuck What You Think featuring 9th Prince and Islord Bobby Digital In Stereo 1998
  • Gravediggaz Goin On featuring 9th Prince and Blue Raspberry The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel 1997
  • RZA Number One Samurai Afro Season II Outro performed by 9th Prince The RZA Presents: Afro Samurai Resurrection OST 2009
  • Cilvaringz Valentines Day Massacre I Cilvaringz album 2007

2. Videography

  • Killarmy || Fear, Love & War || Feel It || 2001
  • Sunz of Man || 12" Single || Soldiers of Darkness featuring Killarmy and various Wu-Tang Clan cameos || 1995 Wu-Tang Records
  • Killarmy || Dirty Weaponry || The Shoot-Out featuring Rza || 1998 Wu-Tang Records
  • Killarmy || Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars || Swinging Swords Wake Up featuring Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn and various Wu-Tang Clan cameos Wu-Renegades featuring various Wu-Tang Clan cameos || 1997 Loud/Priority/Wu-Tang Records