ⓘ Hook (disambiguation)


ⓘ Hook (disambiguation)

  • Hook Island, Queensland, Australia
  • Hook of Holland or The Hook, the Netherlands, a town
  • Hook granite massif, Zambia
  • Hook River, New Zealand
  • Hook, New Zealand
  • Hook Point, Queensland, Australia
  • Hook Peninsula, County Wexford, Ireland

1. Language

  • Hook diacritic, a diacritical mark attached to letters in various alphabets
  • Rhotic hook, a diacritical mark attached to symbols in the International phonetic alphabet
  • Hook above, a diacritical mark above letters in the Vietnamese alphabet

2. Arts and entertainment

  • Hook video game, four video games based on the film
  • Hook film, a 1991 fantasy continuation of J. M. Barries Peter and Wendy
  • "Hook" Blues Traveler song
  • Hook Transformers, several characters in the Transformers universe
  • Mr. Hook, a character in several 1940s American animated cartoon shorts produced for the US Navy
  • Narrative hook, a literary technique designed to grab the readers interest
  • The Hook album, by Jukka Tolonen
  • Captain Hook, a fictional pirate in J. M. Barries play Peter Pan and other works
  • Hook music, a catchy musical passage
  • Hook filmmaking, a cinematic technique to grab the viewers interest
  • The Hook screenplay, an unproduced screenplay by playwright Arthur Miller
  • The Hook 1963 film, a 1963 Korean war film
  • Trooper Hook, the title character of Trooper Hook, a 1957 Western film, played by Joel McCrea
  • The Hook 2004 film, a 2004 French thriller film
  • The Hook 1976 film, a 1976 giallo film

3. Sports

  • Hook cricket, a shot in cricket
  • Hook shot, in a type of misplayed golf shot
  • Hooking ice hockey, a penalty
  • Hook, part of the hook and ladder trick play in football
  • Hook bowling, a curving ball
  • Hook boxing, a boxing punch
  • Hook shot, a type of shot in basketball
  • Curveball, a type of baseball pitch

4. Other uses

  • Telephone hook, an electrical switch which indicates when the telephone has been hung up
  • Mil Mi-6, a Soviet/Russian heavy transport helicopter nicknamed "Hook"
  • The Hook newspaper, a weekly Virginia newspaper from 2002 to 2013
  • The Hook, a classic urban legend
  • Hook Lighthouse, Ireland
  • Hook computer programming, a computer programming technique
  • Hook Windmill, East Hampton, New York
  • WFFM, a radio station licensed to Ashburn, Georgia, formerly branded "Hook FM"
  • Hook Continental, a passenger train running between Londons Liverpool Street Station and Harwich Parkeston Quay
  • Battle of the Hook, of the Korean war
  • Angle journalism
  • Red Hook may refer to: Red Hook Brooklyn, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City, USA Red Hook graving dock, a graving dock formerly located in Red
  • Hooks may refer to: Hooks Alabama, an unincorporated community Hooks Texas, a city Hooks surname Hooks nickname Corpus Christi Hooks a minor league
  • Off the Hook may refer to: Off the Hook compilation album a 2002 album in the Now That s What I Call Music series Off the Hook Xscape album 1995
  • Hook - up or hook up has several meanings: Making a connection between components in a system An electrical connection An electrical connector A connection
  • blues singer, songwriter and guitarist Page titles beginning with Hook Page titles containing Hook Hook disambiguation Hook surname Hooks nickname
  • Cargo hook may refer to: Hook hand tool also known as a longshoreman s hook box hook loading hook docker s hook baling hook bale hook hay hook etc
  • fabric through a stiff woven base Bondage hook Fish - hooking Hook disambiguation Hooked disambiguation Hooker disambiguation Hooks disambiguation
  • James Hook may refer to: Captain Hook the villain of J. M. Barrie s play and novel Peter Pan James Hook rugby union born 1985 Wales international
  • Henry Hook may refer to: Henry Hook VC 1850 1905 British soldier who won the Victoria Cross at Rorke s Drift Henry Hook crossword compiler 1955 2015