ⓘ Diplodos


ⓘ Diplodos

Diplodo is an animated series which first aired in 1988. It was produced by Saban International & C&D, a company founded by Jean Chalopin after he left DIC. It is based on the Japanese Pocket Zaurus toyline from Bandai.


1. Plot

The series Diplodo focuses on five dinosaur-like creatures, known as the diplodorians. These creatures are from Diplodorianrex, the sister planet of Earth, which lies in the fourth dimension. The story explains that whatever happens to one planet also affects the other planet. The Diplodos have successfully defended their home planet and put up a strong defensive shield. This results in the Diplidos enemies, led by the evil Santos, targeting Earth in order to destroy the Diplodos home planet. With this threat, the five chosen Diplodos travel to Earth in order to defend the planet, which will result in saving their own. Here, they meet and become allies with two children, Peter and Joan.


2. Characters

The Diplodos

  • Stickum – An orange Stegosaur-like diplodorian who can produce sellotape from his mouth, useful for repairing holes or tying up enemies and possibly an evolved Stegosaurus.
  • Scissors – A yellow Pterosaur-like diplodorian who can slice objects using his mouth like a pair of scissors and is possibly an evolved Pteranodon.
  • Bubbles – A pink hippo-like diplodorian. He is the leader of the Diplodos, he can produce bubbles from his mouth; capable of transporting human beings and possibly an evolved Tyrannosaurus. He is voiced by Arthur Grosser.
  • Stapler – A blue walrus-like diplodorian who can produce staples from his mouth and is shown to be an evolved Triceratops.
  • Puncher – A purple diplodorian who can punch holes through any material using his teeth and possibly an evolved Heterodontosaurus. He is voiced by Rick Jones.

The children

  • Peter – A young boy who is an ally and friend to the Diplodos.
  • Joan – A young girl who is an ally and friend to the Diplodos.


  • Santos – The evil enemy of the Diplodos. He is voiced by A. J. Henderson.