ⓘ Primate Equilibrium Platform


ⓘ Primate Equilibrium Platform

A Primate Equilibrium Platform is a device used to train chimpanzees and other primates in maneuvers similar to those of a flight simulator. The chimpanzees are conditioned, with a series of electric shocks, to keep the rolling platform level.

The goal of the platform is to determine the competence of the primates at various levels of poisoning from radiation or chemicals used in General and biological weapons.

After the subject successfully completed at the seventh stage of procedure training on the platform, the Primate of either irradiated or poisoned, to determine how long he can keep at the platform level for different levels of electric current as a result of the inability to maintain a level platform.

The purpose of the study PEP is to determine the ability of fighter pilots to deliver payloads in a second-strike scenario, in which the pilots are exposed to radiation, chemical or biological weapons.

The primates were able to keep the level of trainer within 1 degree of stabilization in a few the axis 16 simulator axis.

The program was founded in white Sands.

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