ⓘ Frente de Juventudes


ⓘ Frente de Juventudes

The National Delegation of the Youth Front, commonly known by his name in Spanish of Frente de Juventudes, was a political-administrative body created in Spain in 1940, as an autonomous youth section of FET y de las JONS, the only authorized political party for the Dictatorship of General Franco.

The youth front was established for the development and political indoctrination of young Spaniards, in accordance with the principles of the so-called associated with the National movement, a conglomerate of political and social forces that supported the military uprising against the second Republic, which will lead to a civil war, which Franco took power.

Prior to its creation, and has conducted a number of youth organizations of parties that supported the uprising, especially the "Pelayos", the traditionalism of young people, and "Balillas", the name of the Spanish Falange youth organization and de Las Jons, which was renamed youth organizations after the unification decree of 1937 and whose second and final delegate to 1940, Sancho Davila, these organizations were dissolved and integrated into the youth Desk to create this.

Evolution of Franco, the Young front, realizing its purpose and its composition on the political developments of the regime, in November 1961, the par value of the Young front was changed to the national delegation of youth, much less militant in January 1970 to reorganize the General Secretary of the movement, the Highest organ of the political regime, changing its name to the national delegation of youth, with which he reaches the end of the regime, in 1977.

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  • pro - Nazis were added to this office. He was replaced as delegate to the Frente de Juventudes in 1941 by Jose Antonio Elola - Olaso as the influence of Davila s
  • prison for the Partido Judicial de Belmonte, and as an Onesimo Redondo academy for the Francoist Frente de Juventudes It was abandoned and began to
  • the National Front created the Youth of the National Front Juventudes del Frente Nacional a section headed by Luis Jose Cillero. With Cillero