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  • the timing of biogeographic events such as vicariance and geodispersal, and provides unique information on the formation of regional biotas For example
  • Biogeographic realms terrestrial 8 Ecoregions 867 each characterized by a main biome type 14 Ecosystems biotopes Biosphere Biogeographic realms
  • hemisphere temperate oceans, which are based on continents Major biogeographic realms analogous to the eight terrestrial ecozones, represent large regions
  • The Holarctic is the name for the biogeographic realm that encompasses the majority of habitats found throughout the northern continents of the world
  • highest number of both mammals and birds recorded for the Amazonian biogeographic realm 257 with 11 endemic species for mammals and 782 and 17 endemics
  • Mauretania s wildlife has two main influences as the country lies in two Biogeographic realms the north sits in the Palearctic which extends south from the Sahara
  • the world s oceans through 14 field projects. Each sampled the biota in one of six realms of the global oceans using a range of technologies. These projects
  • Ecozone The World Wildlife Fund WWF developed a system of eight biogeographic realms ecozones Nearctic 22.9 mil. km² including most of North America
  • in Australian and 85 characteristic ecosystems, as classified by the Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia, cover the continent some effort