ⓘ Woodside, Telford


ⓘ Woodside, Telford

Woodside is a residential area of Telford, Shropshire, England.

In 1963, daoli New city to be known as Telford was designated in the vicinity of towns and villages such as Ironbridge, dauli and Wellington, to ease the housing problem in the West Midlands Metropolitan area of about 20 kilometers. The intention was to bring jobs in the area, as well as houses to accommodate the thousands of workers who were attracted to the city.

For the less wealthy residents of the New town, there should be affordable housing Council. At the Woodside property was among the Council housing planned in the development of Telford new town. It was developed in the late 1960s and early 1970-ies, and is one of the largest housing estates in Shropshire.

Woodside is the most deprived part of Telford. The census 2001 showed that 37.2% of the area households do not have access to the machine, 18.0% of families were single-parent families, unemployment was at 11.3 percent. However, this was significantly less than from 1991 to 17.3% and the economy was in recession, and then in a more healthy position 10 years later. With the recession, which has suffered in the UK from mid-2008, however, it is expected that the 2011 census will show a much higher unemployment rate.

Major regeneration of property has taken place in recent years, the most notable phase of the demolition of 350 deck-access flats and maisonettes to make way for a 191-home development BY Bellway homes site. Almost all the other houses on the estate was brought up to modern standards.

The area has a high crime rate than average and has a large number of anti-social behaviour. The police are aware of the issue.

In 2005, the students of Abraham Darby specialist school for the performing arts, now known as the Abraham Darby Academy, a new portion of the theater begins again written by a local writer who told the history of the local area over the last 40 years!

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