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ⓘ DAnalalava

The D’Analalava project tries to protect about 120 hectares rain forest at the coast. Analalava is a small village on the east coast of Madagascar, south of the city of Antalaha. Considering ecological and social aspects special projects are realized to create a basis to live and work. The next aim is to ensure self-sufficiency in food.

Another goal is eco-tourism. The project offers three rooms for tourists who want to spend an ecological holiday in the village.

The main activities are the protection of the environment and a small beginning of green tourism. The next goal is to open a school in a" backwater”. Activities focus on curriculum and obtain the appropriate permits from the state.

Austrian service abroad is active in the project DAnalalava since 2008.

  • Ampotaka Ankorabe New Protected Area Analabe Betanatanana New Protected Area Analalava New Protected Area Mahialambo New Protected Area Mangabe - Ranomena - Sahasarotra
  • New Protected Area Part of Ankeniheny - Zahamena Corridor Nosivolo river Analalava Special Reserve Betampona Reserve Part of Zahamena National Park Mangerivola
  • is a species of mouse lemur known only from Betampona Special Reserve, Analalava Special Community Reserve near Foulpointe, and Zahamena National Park
  • of the species are in protected areas: in the Betampona, Zahamena and Analalava Protected Areas of eastern Madagascar. Faranirina, L. 2017 Eremolaena
  • Analalava forests to the Sambirano, as far east as the foothills of Tsarantanana, Sahamalaza peninsula and possibly to the lower parts of Montagne d Ambre
  • list of destinations, whereas Ambanja, Ambatomainty, Ambatondrazaka, Analalava Ankavandra, Antalaha, Antsalova, Antsiranana, Antsohihy, Belo, Besalampy
  • self - dependent and participate in international teamwork. Madagascar Antalaha - D Analalava Mexico Mexico City - Museo Memoria y Tolerancia Nicaragua Granada
  • IVA Ambanja Airport  Ambanja, Madagascar FMNL HVA Analalava Airport  Analalava Madagascar FMNM MJN Amborovy Airport  Mahajanga, Madagascar
  • weakening over land, the depression reentered the Mozambique channel near Analalava on February 25. Based on a 3.0 Dvorak classification, MFR upgraded the
  • population is estimated at 5, 000 15, 000 individuals coastal surveys from Analalava to Tolagnaro yielded a total count of 1, 457 individuals at 119 different
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  • 1897 Chrosioderma albidum Simon, 1897 type - Madagascar Chrosioderma analalava Silva - Davila, 2005 - Madagascar Chrosioderma havia Silva - Davila, 2005