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  • Santo Tome disambiguation. (Санто Томе омонимии)
  • Negrelos São Tome, a place in Portugal.
  • São Tome disambiguation. (Сан-Томе омонимии)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Santo Tome, Argentina.
  • San Tome disambiguation. (Сан-Томе омонимии)
  • philanthropist, founder of the Tome School Maria Tome São Tomean politician Norman Tome born 1973 Australian football player Philippe Tome pseudonym used by
  • Santo Tome Spanish for Saint Thomas may refer to the following places: Santo Tome Corrientes, a city in the province of Corrientes Santo Tome Department
  • San Tome may refer to: Rotonda di San Tome a church in northern Italy San Tome Venezuela, a town in Anzoategui, Venezuela San Tome de Angostura, one
  • São Tome Portuguese for Saint Thomas may refer to the following places: Brazil: São Tome Parana São Tome Rio Grande do Norte São Thome das Letras
  • Nephelomys albigularis a rat species from South and Central America Tome disambiguation Tomes Talismans, a 1986 American educational television series
  • Ante Tomic may refer to: Ante Tomic writer born 1970 Croatian writer Ante Tomic basketball born 1987 Croatian basketball player Ante Tomic footballer
  • Chile Granja - Amareleja wine, a Portuguese wine region Granja, São Tome a city in São Tome and Principe Praia da Granja, a beach in Portugal La Granja Madrid
  • Church of Santo Tome may refer to: Iglesia de Santo Tome Toledo a church in Toldedo, Spain Iglesia de Santo Tome Priandi a church in Asturias, Spain
  • Negima Magister Negi Magi University of Virginia. Haiku topical dictionary taue entry Saotomea, a genus of sea snails São Tome disambiguation
  • Douro, São Tome and Principe Alto Douro Wine Company Alto Douro region region in Portugal Douro DOC, a Portuguese wine region Douro disambiguation