ⓘ Trichoscopy


ⓘ Trichoscopy

Trichoscopy is a method of hair and scalp evaluation and is used for diagnosing hair and scalp diseases. The method is based on dermoscopy. In trichoscopy hair and scalp structures may be visualized at many-fold magnification. Currently magnifications ranging from 10-fold to 70-fold are most popular in research and clinical practice.

The method is developed by a group of dermatologists Director: Lydia Rudnicka in Poland, Antonella Tosti and Giuseppe Micali in Italy and Shigeki Inui in Japan. In 2004, Francesco Lacarrubba, and colleagues first described the features videodermoscopic alopecia patchy hair on top. Then Polish the panel developed criteria for the diagnosis of female androgenetic alopecia based solely on videodermoscopy images. In 2006, Elizabeth to Ross and his colleagues, these features videodermoscopy various acquired diseases of the skin and hair of the head. In 2008, adriana rakowska and his colleagues first showed the usefulness of trichoscopy in the diagnosis of children with congenital abnormalities of the hair. It was shown that this method is particularly useful in the diagnosis of monilethrix, netherton syndrome and other childhood diseases. In 2008, the first Atlas with images of trichoscopy was published by Antonella Tosti.

The term "trichoscopy" was first presented in 2006, Lydia Rudnicka and Malgorzata Olszewska.

In 2011, Shigeki Inui published a trichoscopy algorithm, which allows differential diagnosis of most common diseases of the hair and scalp based on trichoscopy.

"Atlas of trichoscopy"2013 is the first book systematize the scientific knowledge on trichoscopy.

In 2017 the International society of trichoscopy was founded by four founders: Lydia Rudnicka, Antonella Tosti, Pirmez, Rodrigo and Daniel ASZ Sigall. Lydia Rudnicka was elected the first President of the International society trichoscopy. The first world Congress of the company held in 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

  • from a parent who has the disorder. Monilethrix may be diagnosed with trichoscopy List of cutaneous conditions List of conditions caused by problems with
  • Dermatological Society, first president of te International Society of Trichoscopy and associate editor of the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology
  • syndrome, and woolly hair syndrome. Dermoscopy of hair and scalp is called trichoscopy Determination of surgical margin of hard to define skin cancers. Examples
  • which may be performed to verify the diagnosis, include a trichogram, trichoscopy and biopsy. Effluvium can present with similar appearance to alopecia
  • Ishmeet 2 October 2018 Frictional Sock Alopecia of the Legs: Trichoscopy as an Aid International Journal of Trichology. 10 3 129 130. doi: 10
  • diagnosed based on clinical features. Trichoscopy may aid in establishing the diagnosis. In alopecia areata, trichoscopy shows regularly distributed yellow
  • hairs infected by T. schoenleinii. Individuals with M. canis infection trichoscopy will show characteristic small comma hairs. Histopathology of scalp biopsy
  • will help the selection of therapy. New diagnostic techniques, such as trichoscopy may be used for non - invasive differential diagnosis of cicatricial alopecia