ⓘ Madly Off in All Directions


ⓘ Madly Off in All Directions

Madly Off in All Directions was a Canadian radio comedy show that aired for several years on CBC Radio One, featuring comedian Lorne Elliott. It formerly aired on Sunday afternoons at 1PM, as well as on Saturday evenings on 6:30PM with repeats on Friday mornings at 11 AM. It was replaced in September 2006 by a comedy show The Debaters.

The show travelled across Canada, recording before a live audience at various local venues. The show provided a mixture of stand-up, improv, sketch and musical Comedy. Elliott usually show began a monologue, and introduced the acts that follow, often comedians who were local to the area, which gave the opportunity for national exposure within the program.

Elliotts work first attracted the attention of CBC with the release of one of their live performances on Certainly not the Opera. He also did additional Comedy segments for other CBC radio shows, including basic black, Sunday Showcase and Morningside. He was given a pension by the Royal canadian air farce with a traditional radio-show time interval in 1996 and the show became a regular weekly showcase of canadian Comedy.

The title of the show comes from a line used by famous canadian humorist Stephen Leacocks story "Gertrude the governess". "Lord Ronald said nothing he flung himself from the room, threw himself on his horse and rode off madly in all directions." This phrase was figuratively and literally applicable, as the show travelled across Canada, and the host and his guests covered the full range of the Comedy spectrum.

There were two years that the format has been changed, and Elliot traveled exclusively in small venues, accompanied by Derek Edwards. These tours are designed for more intimate Affairs, and also served as a small break for Elliot, a stripped-down format requires much less planning and organization.

After a summer series consisting of repeats in 2006, the show was quietly replaced by the disputants in their former timeslots. Since April 2007, further repeats of the show aired on Mondays on CBC radio one.

  • host of the CBC Radio program Madly Off in All Directions Elliott was born in Montreal. Elliott first began performing in 1974, as a folk musician, under
  • Comedy Network. He has done several stand - up performances for Madly Off in All Directions on CBC Radio, the Halifax Comedy Festival, Comedy at Club 54
  • television show, as well as on an episode of CBC Radio One s Madly Off in All Directions Paul Chato Rick Green Dan Redican Peter Wildman Just 5 Minutes
  • Hosted by Walter Rinaldi, it was a summer replacement show for Madly Off in All Directions that ran for 13 - weeks from June to late August of that year.
  • including CBC Radio s Brave New Waves, Madly Off in All Directions and Definitely Not The Opera. In addition, he starred in his very own episode of Comedy Now
  • CBC Radio One s comedy slot on Sunday afternoons, replacing Madly Off in All Directions which moved to a different time slot. WireTap has been described
  • and comedy. Lorne Elliott became the lead performer in CBC s comedy show Madly Off in All Directions Clueless 1982 Larry LeBlanc 30 July 1994 Newfoundland
  • the Confederation Centre of the Arts in Charlottetown, for the CBC Radio production Madly Off in All Directions with host Lorne Elliott, just weeks before
  • and other comedy festivals, and was featured on CBC Radio s Madly Off in All Directions The Go Show and The Debaters. From 2003 to 2006, Mack directed
  • Television, Madly Off in All Directions on CBC Radio and XM Satellite Radio. He has been featured at the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, the
  • seasons in the 1990s Wicked Night Out - Host Lorne Elliott s Madly Off in All Directions CBC Television s Canada Now Hatching, Matching and Dispatching
  • debate. The show was first broadcast in September 2006, replacing the long - running comedy show Madly Off in All Directions The show was created by Richard