ⓘ Rally of Democratic Forces


ⓘ Rally of Democratic Forces

The Rally of Democratic Forces, or Assembly of Democratic Forces, is a political party in Mauritania. It is led by Ahmed Ould Daddah.

In October 2000, the Union of democratic forces new era, which was led by Daddah, was dissolved by the government on charges of inciting violence and damage the countrys interests. In its place was created the rally of democratic forces, and daddah was elected its President in January 2002.

In the parliamentary elections held on 19 October and 26 October 2001, the party won 5.6 percent of the vote and 3 out of 81 seats.

Daddah declared the RFD to be "the countrys biggest political force" after the first round of the 2006 Mauritanian parliamentary election, held on November 19. USS participated in these elections composed of eight party Opposition Alliance. He won 15 out of 95 seats in the 21 January and 4 February 2007 Senate elections, 7 of the 56 seats. In 11 March and 25 March 2007 presidential election, daddah, the candidate of the political parties, won 20.69% in the first round, but was defeated in the second round with 47.15%.

Daddah said on may 7, 2008 that the USS will not participate in the Ahmed government of Prime Minister Yahya Ould El Waghef, despite Waghefs consultations with opposition parties on forming a government.

USS supported the military coup detat of August 6, 2008. Daddah described the coup as "a movement to rectify the democratic process" and alleged that the presidential elections of 2007, "marked by fraud".

USS is a member observer of the socialist international.