ⓘ The Irrefutable Truth about Demons


ⓘ The Irrefutable Truth about Demons

The Irrefutable Truth about Demons is a New Zealand horror film released in 2000. It was directed by Glenn Standring and stars Karl Urban, Katie Wolfe, and Jonathon Hendry.

The films UK DVD title is The Truth About Demons.


1. Plot

Haughty anthropology professor Harry Ballard Karl Urban receives a sinister videotape showing a cult called the Black Lodge ranting about a demonic plot. As it turns out, Harrys brother, Richard, killed himself a few months earlier under mysterious circumstances, possibly related to this cult; in any event, the loss has been preying on Harrys mind, sending his relationship with his girlfriend Sally Stockwell into a tailspin. Meanwhile, a seemingly schizophrenic young woman named Benny Katie Wolfe, who has a penchant for lighting sparklers in alleyways for no good reason, follows Harry around and snatches him from the jaws of doom after he falls into the cults hands. The devilish leader, Le Valliant Jonathan Hendry, apparently has big plans in store for Harry, and soon the protagonists grip on reality slips as the cult targets him for an upcoming ritual.

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