ⓘ DIY ethic


ⓘ DIY ethic

DIY ethic is the ethic of self-sufficiency through completing tasks without the aid of a paid expert. The "do it yourself" ethic promotes the idea that anyone is capable of performing a variety of tasks rather than relying on paid specialists.


1. Music

Commercial DIY music has its origins in the mid 1970s punk rock scene. It developed as a way to circumnavigate the mainstream music industry. By controlling the entire production and distribution chain, DIY music bands can develop a closer relationship between artists and fans. The DIY ethic gives total control over the final product without need to compromise with record labels.

According to the punk aesthetic, one can express oneself and produce moving and serious works with limited means. Arguably, the earliest example of this attitude was the punk music scene of the 1970s.

Riot grrrl, associated with third-wave feminism, also adopted the core values of the DIY punk ethic by leveraging creative ways of communication through zines and other projects.

Adherents of the DIY punk ethic also work collectively. For example, punk impresario David Fergusons CD Presents was a DIY concert production, recording studio, and record label network.