ⓘ Komanda (newspaper)


ⓘ Komanda (newspaper)

Komanda was Ukraine’s influential sport newspaper published daily in Kiev, the nations capital.

It was founded in 1995, and as of September 2001 it was available on-line. It offered sport analysis, original interviews, and opinions. It was published in Russian.

Its registration number KBN 2163 of 18.09.96. The subscription index is 33780. The newspaper was published five 5 times a week, no Sunday or Monday editions. It was part of UMH group. In 2016 it closed.


1. Staff

  • Chief editor - Yuriy Karman
  • Director - Oleksandr Tymchyna
  • Secretary - Serhiy Pylkevych
  • Technical editor - Danylo Radovskiy
  • Web-site editor - Serhiy Berov
  • Manager of Lviv division - Vasyl Mykhailov
  • Manager of football news section - Valeriy Novobranets

The papers motto is Of what screams and whispers the World of sport O chem krichit i shepchet mir sporta.

  • There are about 30 authors from Ukraine and Europe that contribute to the newspaper, including the international grossmeister Mykhailo Holubev.
  • The paper consists of nine 9 sections: football, autosport, basketball, hockey, tennis, box, chess, other, and behind curtains.
  • The papers web-site demonstrates the rating among the most interesting articles; taking a variety of different public polls; has forum to address issues, express an opinion, and/or give a suggestion. The web-site also provides with an extensive archive database of all previous editions and it also gives a detail information about subscription.