ⓘ Matihani, Mahottari


ⓘ Matihani, Mahottari

Matihani is a town situated in Mahottari district of Nepal.The village is well know for its historical significance and its way of celebrating any festival. It was formed in as a muncipality in 2016 occupying current 9 sections from previous 9 former VDCs. It occupies an area of 29.02 sq. km with a total population of 31.026.

The second largest Lakshmi Narayan temple, Nepal is in the center of Matihani. The pond surrounding the temple of Lakshmi Narayan, widely known as "Laxmi Narayan pond" is associated with the marriage ceremony of goddess SITA and Lord Rama in the Holy bookRamayan Hindu,the ceremony of SITA "matkor" was held here.Currently the village has public schools and some small schools, but the schools of the Academy of Damodar in Parikauli provides bus service to students raising of the education system in rural areas.One of the famous schools of the district mahottary here under the name of "Shri RAM middle school -8". The village is also home to one of the oldest Sanskrit schools of Nepal. The village has done tremendous development in terms of technology, it has provided free Wi-Fi access points in different places of the village.

Historical Significance

First, Matihani is a place which is the gateway Ramayana in Nepal. Why is this so?

In traditional Mithila marriage ceremony matkor is carried out when the groom comes to the bride for marriage. Matihani is located at the border there was a place in Nepal where matkor Sri RAM was conducted to treat the South. Bedi is a ritual where mud is needed for the ceremony matkor, annual weeding ceremony Biba Panchmi which takes place every year in Janakpur, the mud from the pond near Swami Lakshmi Narayan temple.

King of the Sena dynasty came to meet Tasmaniya Baba who was meditating in the jungle Matihani and asks How to get a son. A Saint told the king to build a school and Mandir here and desire to be successful. Just as the Saint said to the wishes of the king was fulfilled, and he has a son and returned to Matihani and the cause of the Sanskrit school and the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, which is the oldest Mhaat in Nepal.