ⓘ Yuma County Area Transit


ⓘ Yuma County Area Transit

The Yuma County Area Transit system is a public transportation system based in Yuma County, Arizona. Since 1990 the agency has grown from a new transit service offering paratransit to the current mix of fixed-route and demand-responsive services serving over 32.000 riders per month, with an annual operating budget of.5 million. YCAT is also the local Greyhound Lines agent.

Until 1999, only private transport with any type of transport service in Yuma County, with taxis serving the urbanized areas and private van services providing transportation between San Luis and Yuma. Paratransit in Yuma began in February 1999. When the Saguaro Foundation began operating a public dial system funded by Yuma planning organization YMPO Metropolitan in 1996, YMPOs route service began in February 1999 between San Luis and Yuma under the name valley transit.

In the name YCAT or Yuma County area transit was adopted in 2002, with a new system of two routes, a local route in Yuma and an intercity route between San Luis and Yuma / Arizona Western College. YCAT service between Yuma and foothills was initiated in 2001, but ridership was not considered high enough to justify the cost, and the system was shortened to terminate at the Western College of Arizona.

After a comprehensive review of the transit system by Moore and partners, as well as financial and operating difficulties in 2003, almost became the reason for fixed-route transit system to the city of Yuma and other member jurisdictions in Yuma County has allocated additional funds to the system. YMPO selected a new operating contractor, and services survived. Was added to the system in 2004, two routes and an additional route to visitors was opened in January 2006. The service was extended to 10:00 hours on all routes in the system across the network of seven routes.

In 2010, again after financial and operating difficulties, reductions in funding from the state of Arizona and local entities that led to the elimination of two routes within the city of Yuma, reduction of working hours from 6:00 to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday. YCAT was very close to closing. However, the new strategy adopted by YMPO came into play to save the transit system using a reduced level of local funding from its members, with the exception of the city of Yuma. In December 2010, a new Agency - Yuma County intergovernmental public transportation authority YCIPTA was formed to assume the operation of transit services from YMPO, which was completed on 1 July 2012. A new model of service delivery was implemented on January 9, 2012, with the full restructuring of all areas of improvement. Today a total of 9 routes now operate Monday through Saturday on a fleet of 17 YCAT fixed-route buses and 11 sections and cars.

Demand-response and fixed-route service is performed and funded by YCIPTA and its member agencies, and operated by a private contractor. Presently, YCIPTA owns all vehicles for fixed-route and regulate the consumption of services as well as rent on the East 14 th street and technical Center and Atlantic Avenue.