ⓘ Coral Reefs (film)


ⓘ Coral Reefs (film)

Coral Reefs is a 1939 French language motion picture adventure drama directed by Maurice Gleize. The screenplay was written by Charles Spaak, based on novel by Jean Martet. The film stars Jean Gabin, Michele Morgan, Pierre Renoir and Gina Manes.

It tells the story of a charged innocent Mexican sailor who escapes to a lagoon in the Pacific Ocean. He meets with a lonely girl in the woods, having an affair. However his current gunrunning operation is noticed by an earnest detective.


1. Plot

In the atmosphere fascinating of the southern continent, all their strengths fight in the seas of the south full of poetry and mystery, Trott and Lilian, wreckages tracked by the police, to win the coral reef, synonymous for them of quietude and new life.


2. Preservation

Long presumed to be lost, the film was sought after by Serge Bromberg who found a copy at the Yugoslav Film Archive in Belgrade in 2013. The film was then restored in coordination with the Archives françaises du film and re-released.


3. Main cast

  • Louis Florencie as Le capitaine Jolife
  • Yves Deniaud as Le vendeur
  • Gaston Modot as Le colonel mexicain
  • Michele Morgan as Lilian White
  • Jean Gabin as Trott Lennard
  • Pierre Magnier as Un medecin
  • Julien Carette as Havelock
  • Rene Bergeron as Jim
  • Gina Manes as Maria
  • Pierre Renoir as Abboy
  • Leonce Corne as Lhotelier de Bridgetown
  • Saturnin Fabre as Hobson
  • Guillaume de Sax as Springbett
  • Jenny Burnay as Anna