ⓘ Peninsula Extension


ⓘ Peninsula Extension

The Peninsula Extension which created the Peninsula Subdivision of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway was the new railroad line on the Virginia Peninsula from Richmond to southeastern Warwick County. Its principal purpose was to provide an important new pathway for coal mined in West Virginia to reach the harbor of Hampton Roads for coastal and export shipping on collier ships.

Completed October 16, 1881, the new double-track railway and other developments of the vision of industrialist Collis P. Huntington the result of a 15-year transition of agriculture in the village of Newport news into a new independent city, which became home to the worlds largest shipyard. Railroad, and later one of the developed in Virginia, has become important for many communities, opening the possibility of transportation and promote trade and military action on the Peninsula in the 20th century.

More than 125 years after its opening, many of the stations had disappeared. Spur line have both come and gone. Also gone are the locomotives, with the exception of the one on exhibition at the Huntington Park in Newport news, the other at the science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, and the third that remained buried in Richmond Church Hill tunnel.

Despite the changes, at the beginning of the 21st century, the rails division of the Peninsula continue to form an important link to service Amtrak station, Williamsburg and Newport news, and to bring the circus to town every year. High quality coal and motivation initially to construct the line, and the current owner of the company CSX transportation continues day and night to deliver a huge amount of it for loading on ships destined for points around the world.

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