ⓘ 1899 in film

The Dreyfus Affair (film series)

The Dreyfus Affair, also known as Dreyfus Court-Martial, is an 1899 series of short silent docudramas, conceived and directed by Georges Melies. Released by Meliess Star Film Company and numbered 206–217 in its catalogs, each of the eleven one-minute installments reconstructs an event from the historical Dreyfus affair, which was still in progress while the series was being made.

Joan of Arc (1900 film)

In the village of Domremy, the young Joan is visited by Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who exhort her to fight for her country. Her father Jacques dArc, mother Isabelle Romee, and uncle beg her to stay at home, but she leaves them and travels to Vaucouleurs, where she meets with the governor, Captain Robert de Baudricourt. The dissipated Baudricourt initially scorns Joans ideals, but her zeal eventually wins him over, and he gives her authority to lead French soldiers. Joan and her army lead a triumphal procession into Orleans, followed by a large crowd. Then, in Reims ...

Cinderella (1899 film)

Cinderella is an 1899 French film directed by Georges Melies, based on the fairy tale by Charles Perrault. It was released by Meliess Star Film Company and is numbered 219–224 in its catalogues, where it is advertised as a grande feerie extraordinaire en 20 tableaux.

Robbing Cleopatra's Tomb

Robbing Cleopatras Tomb was an 1899 short silent film directed by Georges Melies. One of the earliest horror films ever made, it is about resurrecting the mummy of Cleopatra. In it, a man chops the mummy of Cleopatra into pieces, and then "produces a woman from a smoking brazier." While today director Melies is more known for his iconic film A Trip to the Moon, it was this film which caught the attention of producer Charles Urban, who released the film in America under the title Robbing Cleopatras Tomb ; its English release was simply titled Cleopatras Tomb and subsequently distributed man ...

King John (film)

King John is the title by which the earliest known example of a film based on a play by William Shakespeare is commonly known. Filmed in London, England in September 1899, at the British Mutoscope and Biograph Companys open-air studio on the Embankment, it was a silent film made from four very short separate films. Each of those films showed a heavily edited scene from Herbert Beerbohm Trees forthcoming stage production of Shakespeares mid-1590s play, King John, at Her Majestys Theatre London. The first film was of The Temptation Scene with John, Hubert, and Arthur, the second of The Lamen ...

Century (film)

Century is a 1993 British film, written and directed by playwright Stephen Poliakoff. Clive Owen stars as a 19th-century Jewish doctor who, while studying at a research institute, discovers that an authoritative doctor played by Charles Dance is sterilizing innocent women.


ⓘ 1899 in film

  • Mitchell and Kenyon of Blackburn in the north of England release three fiction films under the Norden brand which attract national attention – The Tramps Surprise, The Tramps and the Artist and Kidnapping by Indians, the latter being the first Western.
  • King John, a silent compilation of three short scenes from a forthcoming stage production by Herbert Beerbohm Tree with film direction by William Kennedy Dickson and Walter Pfeffer Dando, is filmed in London, the first known film based on a Shakespeare play.
  • September
  • T. C. Hepworth invents Biokam, a 17.5 mm format which also is the first format to have a center perforation.
  • John Alfred Prestwich invents a 13 mm amateur format.
  • November – The oldest surviving Japanese film, Momijigari, is shot by Tsunekichi Shibata in Tokyo as a record of kabuki actors Onoe Kikugorō V and Ichikawa Danjūrō IX performing a scene from the play Momijigari.

1. Films released in 1899

  • The Biter Bit, produced by Bamforth & Co Ltd
  • King John
  • How Would You Like to Be the Ice Man?
  • Major Wilsons Last Stand
  • Cinderella, directed by Georges Melies
  • The Jeffries-Sharkey Fight, a documentary that is in all likelihood lost; running over two hours, this is one of the oldest feature films.
  • The Kiss in the Tunnel, directed by George Albert Smith; has been cited as cinemas first example of narrative editing
  • The Dreyfus Affair, a series of docudramas directed by Georges Melies
  • Cripple Creek Bar-Room Scene, produced by Edison Studios
  • The Devil in a Convent, directed by Georges Melies
  • Robbing Cleopatras Tomb, directed by Georges Melies probably lost
  • Kidnapping by Indians

2. Notable births

  • January 6 – Phyllis Haver, American actress died 1960
  • July 17 – James Cagney, American actor died 1986
  • November 11 – Pat OBrien, American actor died 1983
  • February 21 – Sigrid Holmquist, Swedish actress died 1970
  • August 19 – Colleen Moore, American actress died 1988
  • November 17 – Douglas Shearer, Canadian-born American pioneer motion-picture sound engineer died 1971
  • March 23 – Dora Gerson, German actress died 1943
  • December 16 – Noel Coward, English actor, playwright and composer of popular music died 1973
  • July 14 – Martha Mansfield, American actress died 1923
  • March 27 – Gloria Swanson, American actress died 1983
  • December 25 – Humphrey Bogart, American actor died 1957
  • February 15 – Gale Sondergaard, American actress died 1985
  • February 6 – Ramon Novarro, Mexican actor died 1968
  • July 7 – George Cukor, American director died 1983
  • June 30 – Madge Bellamy, American actress died 1990
  • July 1 – Charles Laughton, British-American actor died 1962
  • March 14 – Ada Kramm, Norwegian actress died 1981
  • January 30 – Martita Hunt, English actress, 1969
  • June 15 – Einar Hanson, Swedish actor died 1927
  • August 28 – Charles Boyer, French actor died 1978
  • February 22 – George OHara, American actor, screenwriter died 1966
  • August 13 – Alfred Hitchcock, British director died 1980
  • May 10 – Fred Astaire, American actor/dancer died 1987