ⓘ 1895 in film

Partie de cartes

Partie de cartes, or A Quiet Game of Ecarte) is an 1895 French short black-and-white silent film directed and produced by Louis Lumiere and starring Antoine Feraud.

La Mer (film)

La Mer is an 1895 French short black-and-white silent documentary film directed and produced by Louis Lumiere. Given its age, this short film is available to freely download from the Internet. The film formed part of the first commercial presentation of the Lumiere Cinematographe on December 28, 1895 at the Salon Indien, Grand Cafe, 14 Boulevard des Capuchins, Paris.

Die Serpentintanzerin

Die Serpentintanzerin is an 1895 German short black-and-white silent documentary film, directed and produced by Max Skladanowsky, one of the German-born brothers responsible for inventing the Bioscop. It was one of a series of films produced to be projected by a magic lantern and formed part of the Wintergarten Performances, the first projections of film in Europe to a paying audience. The film titles for the initial program were: Italienischer Bauerntanz, Komisches Reck, Serpentinen Tanz, Der Jongleur Paul Petras, Das Boxende Kanguruh, Akrobatisches Potpourri, Kamarinskaja, Ringkampf and ...


ⓘ 1895 in film

  • William Kennedy Dickson and his sister Antonia publish History of the Kinetograph, Kinetoscope, and Kinetophonograph in the United States with a preface by Thomas Edison, the first history of the subject.
  • Gaumont Pictures founded by the engineer-turned-inventor, Leon Gaumont. Woodville Latham and his sons develop the Latham Loop – the concept of loose loops of film on either side of the intermittent movement to prevent stress from the jerky movement. This is debuted in the Eidoloscope, which is also the first widescreen format 1.85:1.
  • December 28 – The Lumiere brothers have their first paying audience at the Grand Cafe Boulevard des Capucines in Paris - this date is sometimes considered the debut of the motion picture as an entertainment medium.
  • Annabelle the Dancer is a sensation in shorts such as Annabelle Serpentine Dance.
  • November – In Germany, Emil and Max Skladanowsky develop their own film projector.
  • Herman Casler of American Mutoscope Company, a.k.a. American Mutoscope and Biograph Company manufactures the Biograph 68 mm camera, which will become the first successful large format 68mm 70mm film.
  • December 30 – The American Mutoscope and Biograph Company motion pictures is founded in New Jersey by the KMCD Syndicate of William Kennedy Dickson, Henry Marvin, Herman Casler and Elias Koopman.
  • March 22 – First display of motion pictures by Auguste and Louis Lumiere private screening.
  • In France, the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumiere, design and built a lightweight, hand-held motion picture camera called the Cinematographe. They discover that their machine can also be used to project images onto a large screen. The Lumiere brothers create several short films at this time that are considered to be pivotal in the history of motion pictures.
  • Late September – C. Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat demonstrate their Phantoscope, a motion picture projector, in Atlanta, Georgia at the Cotton States and International Exposition.
  • May 27 – Birt Acres patents the Kineopticon under his own name.
  • February–March – Robert W. Paul and Birt Acres build and run the first working 35 mm movie camera in Britain, the Kineopticon. Their first films include Incident at Clovelly Cottage, The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race and Rough Sea at Dover.
  • February 13 – Auguste and Louis Lumiere patent the Cinematographe, a combination movie camera and projector.
  • Henri Joly debuts his Joly-Normandin 60 mm format.

1. Films released in 1895

  • Bauerntanz zweier Kinder
  • The Dickson Experimental Sound Film, directed by and starring William K. L. Dickson on violin. First sound film.
  • Cordeliers Square in Lyons, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • Card Party, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • Opening of the Kiel Canal
  • Le Saut à la couverture
  • Boxing Kangaroo
  • Princess Ali a.k.a. Egyptian Dance
  • Demolition Of A Wall, directed by Louis Lumiere and starring Auguste Lumiere, the man in charge.pointing
  • The Babys Meal, directed by Louis Lumiere, starring Auguste Lumiere, his wife Marguerite, and their daughter Andree
  • The Execution of Mary Stuart, directed by Alfred Clark. First special effect stop camera edit effect in cinema.
  • Swimming In The Sea, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • La Voltige
  • Transformation By Hats, Comic View, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • The Blacksmiths, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • The Photographical Congress Arrives in Lyon, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • Fishing For Goldfish, directed by Louis Lumiere, starring Auguste Lumiere and his daughter Andree
  • Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • La Charcuterie mecanique
  • Incident at Clovelly Cottage, shot by Birt Acres
  • The Derby, directed by Birt Acres
  • Akrobatisches Potpourri
  • Rough Sea at Dover, directed by Birt Acres
  • Boat Leaving The Port, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • The Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race
  • Annabelle Serpentine Dance, directed by William Heise, starring Annabelle Moore
  • Photograph, directed by Louis Lumiere
  • Serpentinen Tanz
  • Billy Edwards and the Unknown a.k.a. Billy Edwards Boxing
  • The Sprinkler Sprinkled, directed by Louis Lumiere. May be the first outdoor comedy film ever made.
  • Das Wintergartenprogramm, directed by Max Skladanowsky

2. Births

  • September 11 – Uno Henning, Swedish actor died 1970
  • February 7 – Anita Stewart, American actress and producer died 1961
  • March 27 – Betty Schade, German-born American actress died 1982
  • December 3 – Tadeusz Olsza, Polish actor died 1975
  • July 25 – Ingeborg Spangsfeldt, Danish actress died 1968
  • September 22 – Paul Muni, Austrian-born American stage and film actor died 1967
  • July 26 – Gracie Allen, American actress died 1964
  • October 21 – Edna Purviance, American actress died 1958
  • April 7 – Margarete Schon, German actress died 1985
  • March 25 – Valery Inkijinoff, French actor of Russian-Buryat origin died 1973
  • March 11 – Shemp Howard, American actor died 1955
  • June 10 – Hattie McDaniel, American actress died 1952
  • June 24 – Jack Dempsey, American boxer and actor died 1983
  • October 4 – Buster Keaton, American actor and director died 1966
  • November 14 – Louise Huff, American actress died 1973
  • February 25 – Einar Axelsson, Swedish actor died 1971
  • May 6 – Rudolph Valentino, Italian actor died 1926