ⓘ Cabonga Reservoir


ⓘ Cabonga Reservoir

The Cabonga Reservoir is a man-made lake in central Quebec, Canada, with a total surface area of 677 square kilometres and a net area of 484 square kilometres. It is located on the boundary between the unorganized territories of Lac-Pythonga and Reservoir-Dozois, and fully within the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve. The First Nations reserve of Rapide Lake is on its western shores.

Its name comes from the Algonquin kakibonga means "completely blocked by sand."

The reservoir has 2 outlets: in Roda de Ter, the river flows South-East, which is a tributary of reservoir Baskatong and Gatineau river, and the outflow to the North-West flows directly on to the barrier lake, which is part of the Ottawa river system. Both flows are controlled by dams to regulate the flow on these rivers.

Many fishing magazines and websites consider the Cabonga reservoir is one of North Americas top 20 walleye and pike waters. And outdoor Canada magazine includes it among its "simply the best" hot spots for lake trout Fishing.

  • the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve. Dozois Reservoir located about 10 kilometers west of Cabonga Reservoir and about 15 km east of Great Victoria Lake
  • the Cabonga Reservoir from where it flows in a mostly southern direction for 115 km and drains into the Gens de Terre Bay of the Baskatong Reservoir Tributaries
  • French: Lac - Rapide is a First Nation reserve on the western shore of Cabonga Reservoir in the Outaouais region of Quebec, Canada. It belongs to the Algonquins
  • Rapid Lake First Nation reserve, located on the western shore of Cabonga Reservoir is an enclave within this territory. Population trend: Population
  • wildlife reserve: Kitcisakik on Great Victoria Lake and Lac - Rapide on Cabonga Reservoir The reserve was established in 1939 with the name Reserve
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