ⓘ List of Mozilla products


ⓘ List of Mozilla products

The following is a list of Mozilla Foundation / Mozilla Corp. / Mozilla Messaging Inc. products. All products, unless specified, are cross-platform by design.


1. Client applications

  • ChatZilla – The IRC component, also available as a Firefox extension.
  • Mozilla Mail & Newsgroups – The email and news component.
  • Mozilla Composer – The HTML editor component.
  • Mozilla Calendar – Originally planned to be a calendar component for the suite, it became the base of Mozilla Sunbird.
  • SeaMonkey formerly Mozilla Application Suite – An Internet suite.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird – An email and news client.
  • Firefox Reality - A web browser optimized for virtual reality
  • Firefox Monitor - is an online service informing users if their email address and passwords used has been leaked in data breaches
  • Mozilla Firefox – A web browser.
  • Firefox for mobile – A web browser for mobile phones and smaller non-PC devices.
  • Firefox Lockwise – A mobile application to securely stored & sync passwords.
  • Firefox Send – A web-based file sharing platform with end-to-end encryption and a link that automatically expires.
  • Firefox Focus – A privacy-focused mobile web browser.

2. Components

  • Gecko – The layout engine.
  • Venkman– A JavaScript debugger.
  • DOM Inspector – An inspector for DOM.
  • Necko – The network library.
  • Servo – A layout engine.
  • SpiderMonkey – The JavaScript engine written in C programming language.
  • Rhino – The JavaScript engine written in Java programming language.

3. Development tools

  • Bonsai – A web-based interface for the CVS.
  • Skywriter – An extensible and interoperable web-based framework for code editing.
  • Rust programming language
  • Treeherder – A detective tool that allows developers to manage software builds and to correlate build failures on various platforms and configurations with particular code changes. Predecessors: TBPL and Tinderbox
  • Bugzilla – A bugtracker

4. API/Libraries

  • Personal Security Manager PSM – A set of libraries that performs cryptographic operations on behalf of a client application.
  • Network Security Services for Java JSS – A Java interface to NSS.
  • Netscape Portable Runtime NSPR – A platform abstraction layer that makes operating systems appear the same.
  • Network Security Services NSS – A set of libraries designed to support cross-platform development of security-enabled client and server applications.

5. Other tools

  • Client Customization Kit CCK – A set of tools that helps distributors customize and distribute the client.
  • Mozilla Raindrop – Was an upcoming technology for sending messages.
  • Mozbot – An IRC bot written in Perl.
  • Thimble – Mozilla’s web-based educational code editor, part of the company’s" Webmakers” project. To be migrated into Glitch by December 16, 2019
  • Mstone – A multi-protocol stress and performance measurement tool.
  • Mozilla Directory SDK – For writing applications which access, manage, and update the information stored in an LDAP directory.

6. Technologies

  • JavaScript – The de facto client-side scripting programming language originated from Netscape Navigator.
  • XPCOM – A software componentry model similar to COM.
  • XUL – A markup language for user interface.
  • NPAPI – A plugin architecture originated from Netscape Navigator.
  • XBL – A markup language for binding XML element with its behaviors.
  • XPConnect – A binding between XPCOM and JavaScript.
  • XPInstall – A technology for installing extensions.
  • XTF – A framework for implementing new XML elements.


7. Abandoned

  • ElectricalFire – A Java virtual machine using just-in-time compilation.
  • Mozilla Sunbird – A calendar client.
  • Camino – a web browser intended for Mac OS X.
  • Firefox OS – An open source operating system for smartphones and tablet computers mainly based on HTML5.
  • Mariner – The improved layout engine based on code of Netscape Communicator.
  • Mozilla Grendel – A mail and news client written in Java programming language.
  • Xena "Javagator" – A communicator suite rewritten in Java programming language.
  • Minimo – A web browser for handheld devices.