ⓘ The Little Fox


ⓘ The Little Fox

The Little Fox, known in Hungary as Vuk, is a 1981 Hungarian animated film produced by Pannonia Filmstudio, based on the novel Vuk by Istvan Fekete. The film is directed by Attila Dargay and written by Attila Dargay, Istvan Imre and Ede Tarbay, and released in 1981.

A computer animated and widely panned sequel, A Foxs Tale, was released in 2008.


1. Plot

The film tells the story of a little fox kit, Vic Vuk in the Hungarian version, who ventures away from his familys den and, upon his return, learns from his uncle Karak that his entire family has been shot and killed by a human hunter. Karak then offers for Vic to stay with him, and Karak continues to raise him.

As Vic grows older, he develops much cunning and cleverness. Now a young adult fox, he finds a vixen, named Foxy, held captive in a cage on a human farm. He tricks the guard dogs and other animals, as well as the hunter himself, and eventually helps the vixen escape.

Foxy joins Vic and Karak in the woods, but Vics uncle is shot by humans during a hunt. Vic swears revenge on the hunter and finally accomplishes it, playing many jokes on the hunters stupid dogs, killing and devouring the mans livestock and eventually playing tricks on the man himself. At the end of the film, Vic and Foxy have cubs of their own.


2. Voice cast

  • Judit Pogany - Young Vuk
  • Jozsef Gyabronka - Vuk
  • Teri Foldi - Iny
  • Gyula Szabo - Kag
  • Robert Koltai - Simabõrû the Hunter
  • Laszlo Csakanyi - Karak
  • Erzsebet Kutvolgyi - Fox girl
  • Tibor Bitskey - Narrator

English version

The English-language dub of the film, titled simply The Little Fox, was made in 1987 and released in the United States on home video by Celebrity Home Entertainment. The English dub changes Vuks name to "Vic" and his wifes name to "Foxy," although Karaks name remained unchanged.

Voice cast

  • Steven R. Weber - Adult Vic
  • Maia Danziger - Additional Voices
  • William Kiehl - Karak
  • Ira Lewis - Additional Voices
  • George Gonneau - Chester the Hunter
  • Anne Costello - Vics mother, Additional Voices
  • John Bellucci - Vics Father, Narrator
  • Lucy Martin - Foxy
  • Peter Newman - Additional Voices
  • Les Marshak - Additional Voices