ⓘ Niccolò dei Conti di Segni


ⓘ Niccolo dei Conti di Segni

Niccolo Conti di Segni - Italian cardinal allegedly created by Pope Gregory IX with the title of San Marcello in the consistory of December 1228 and subsequently sent as papal legate to Armenia to mediate in the conflicts between king Hethum I of Armenia and the Principality of Antioch, king Hethum I considered him partial in favor of the Principality of Antioch and asked pope for his recalling. He is said to have died in 1239.

Some scientists doubt the existence of this cardinal, because he does not support any papal Bull and his diplomatic mission in Armenia are not found in contemporary sources. Agostino Paravicini Bagliani indicates that he confused with Niccolo da 1206-72 Anagni, a nephew of Pope Gregory IX, which was just below the official Roman Curia during his pontificate. It was never produced in the cardinal Council, despite serving as the camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church under Pope Alexander IV 1254-61.

  • family include Giovanni dei Conti di Segni Niccolo dei Conti di Segni Ottaviano di Paoli, Giovanni Conti d. 1493 and Francesco Conti d. 1521 In medieval
  • 1721 24 Niccolo dei Conti di Segni 13th century Cardinal from 1228 Ottaviano dei Conti di Segni died 1234 Cardinal 1206 34 Pietro Paolo Conti 1689 1770
  • 731 The historical Conti di Segni family Andrea dei Conti 1240 1302 Italian Roman Catholic priest Giovanni dei Conti di Segni died 1213 Italian
  • Giovanni di Salerno O.S.B. Cas. Romano Egidio di Anagni Gregorio Carelli Lotario dei Conti di Segni Gregorio Niccolo Guido de Papa Giovanni Barrata Niccolo Salvador
  • Pope Celestine III it ended with the election of Cardinal Lotario dei Conti di Segni who took the name Innocent III. In this election for the first time
  • The Roman Catholic Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri - Segni is one of the suburbicarian dioceses, Catholic dioceses in Italy close to Rome with a special
  • Ottaviano Conti di Segni 1200 1206 Stefano di Ceccano 1206 1216 Pandolfo Verraclo 1216 1222 Sinibaldo ca.1222 ca.1227 Rinaldo Conti di Segni 1227 1231
  • II, who had been excommunicated by his predecessor Gregory IX Ugo dei Conti di Segni on 20 March 1239, and by numerous other cardinals and bishops. He
  • Gianfelice 1188 1189 Ugolino dei Conti di Segni 1198 1206 Aldobrandino Gaetani o Ildebrando 1216 1219 Rinaldo dei Signori di Ienne 1227 1234 Robert
  • III Lothaire de Segni 1160 - 1216 and Gregory IX Ugolin de Segni 1145 - 1241 may have used the coat of arms of the Counts of Segni The following papal
  • Ottaviano di Paoli d. 1206 1182, 1200 Pietro Gallocia d. 1211 1188, 1206 Nicola de Romanis d. 1219 1204, 1211 Ugolino Conti di Segni 1145 1241