ⓘ Republican Generation


ⓘ Republican Generation

The Republican Generation is an identified generational cohort within the Strauss Howe generational theory, born between 1742 and 1766.

This generation is known for participating in several global revolutionary movements in the era of the revolution.

This generation has witnessed political upheaval in response to the growing British imperialism, and the huge social inequality is aggravated by a tough competition between the European monarchists.

They came of age at the time of British imperialism and at a time when the viability of mercantilism was questioned.

Based on the philosophy of the enlightenment, they unleashed violent scenes of the revolution, reviled monarchy, republicanism and encouraged.

In colonial America, they participated in the American revolutionary war, secured independence from British rule and created the libertarian system of governance, based on constitutional republicanism and representative democracy.

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