ⓘ Mars (disambiguation)


ⓘ Mars (disambiguation)

Mars is a planet in the Solar System.

Mars also commonly refers to:

  • Mars, Incorporated, a confectioner and food company.
  • Mars chocolate bar, produced by Mars, Inc.
  • Mars mythology, the Ancient Roman god of war, equivalent to the Greek god Ares.

Mars may also refer to:

  • USS Mars HMS Mars 1665 the first HMS Mars the first volume of Fuyumi Soryo s Mars manga Mars 1M, Soviet spacecraft Mars disambiguation Marsi disambiguation
  • Russian remake of the British television drama Svet pod hlavou, a Czech remake of the British television drama Life disambiguation Mars disambiguation
  • Marte disambiguation Campus Martius disambiguation Champ de Mars massacre, a massacre during the French Revolution De Mars disambiguation Field
  • Field of Mars Reserve, bushland in New South Wales, Australia Pedion tou Areos, a large public park in Athens Mars disambiguation Champ de Mars disambiguation
  • Human mission to Mars List of manned Mars mission plans in the 20th century Lego Mars Mission, a theme for Lego toys Mission to Mars disambiguation
  • Mars - analogue stations on Earth Mars Analogue Research Station Program, an Earth station analogue of a Mars station from The Mars Society Mars disambiguation
  • Mars USS Mars AC - 6 the second ship named USS Mars the second volume of Fuyumi Soryo s Mars manga Mars disambiguation Mars 2M disambiguation
  • University, formerly Mars Hill College, a four - year university in Mars Hill, North Carolina Mars disambiguation Mars Hill Crossroads disambiguation
  • Princess Mars a title used by the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon character Sailor Mars Hino Rei Raye Princess disambiguation Mars disambiguation
  • Mars 2M may refer to: Mars 2M No.521, Soviet Mars probe Mars 2M No.522, Soviet Mars probe Mars 2MV - 4 disambiguation Mars II disambiguation
  • De Mars may refer to: De Mars surname De Mars Gelderland, Dutch hamlet De Mars De Blesse, Dutch smock mill DeMar Champ de Mars disambiguation