ⓘ Ilovlya River


ⓘ Ilovlya River

Ilovlya is a river in Saratov and Volgograd Oblasts of Russia.

It is a left tributary of the Don River, and is 358 kilometres 222 mi long, with a drainage basin of 9.250 square kilometres 3.570 sq mi.

The average discharge is 9.6 cubic metres per second 340 cu ft/s. The river is frozen over from December to March.

In earlier times there was a portage here, between the watersheds of the Volga River and Don River.

  • District of Volgograd Oblast, Russia, located on the left bank of the Ilovlya River a tributary of the Don 185 kilometers 115 mi north of Volgograd
  • Sosna Bityug Black Kalitva Khopyor 1, 010 kilometres 630 mi Medveditsa Ilovlya Chir Seversky Donets 1, 053 kilometres 654 mi Aidar 264 kilometres
  • the Ilovlya River the tributary of the Don. The distance between the sources of the Kamyshinka River the tributary of the Volga, and the Ilovlya is only
  • Novoanninsky 673 km Mikhaylovka 728 km Frolovo 756 km Log 778 km Ilovlya 861 km Volgograd Astrakhan Oblast 945 km Solodniki 972 km Vyazovka
  • Volgograd Oblast. It is situated in the steppe zone, between the rivers Don, Ilovlya and Volga, within the Don ridge, in the southern part of the Volga