ⓘ Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District


ⓘ Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District

The Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District in Yellowstone National Park comprises the administrative center for the park. It is composed of two major parts: Fort Yellowstone, the military administrative center between 1886-1918, and now a National Historic Landmark, and a concessions district which provides food, shopping, services, and lodging for park visitors and employees.

Fort Yellowstone is a carefully ordered district of substantial buildings that clearly indicate their origin. The U.S. army administered the Park from 1886 to 1918 when administration was transferred to the national Park. Park headquarters is located in the original double cavalry barracks, built in 1909. Horace Albright, a tourist center located in the old bachelors officers quarters built in 1909.

The concessions district contrasts with the military district, with a less formal arrangement and style and includes hotel mammoth Hot springs, dining, gas stations, and retail stores. The Yellowstone main post office, itself on the national register of historic places is located just North of Fort Yellowstone. The residential area includes houses designed by architect Robert Reamer.

This area is directly adjacent to the mammoth hot springs, and itself built on an ancient travertine terrace. Grand Loop road historic district runs through the mammoth district, and the North entrance road historic district is adjacent to the North.

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