ⓘ Golden Globe Award for Best Director


ⓘ Golden Globe Award for Best Director

The Golden Globe Award for Best Director – Motion Picture has been presented annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, an organization composed of journalists who cover the United States film industry for publications based outside North America, since 1943.

Having won all four of his nominations, Elia Kazan has been honored most often in this category. Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, David Lean, Milos Forman, and Oliver Stone tie for second place with three wins each. Steven Spielberg has had the most nominations twelve and has received the award twice. Barbra Streisand is the only woman to have won the award.

In the following lists, the first names, listed in bold type against a blue background, are the winners, and the following names are the remaining nominees. The years given are those in which the films under consideration were released, not the year of the ceremony, which takes place in January of the following year.


1. Multiple nominations

12 nominations
  • Steven Spielberg 12/2
9 nominations
  • Martin Scorsese 9/3
7 nominations
  • Fred Zinnemann 7/2
  • Clint Eastwood 7/3
6 nominations
  • Sidney Lumet 6/1
  • Francis Ford Coppola 6/2
5 nominations 4 nominations 3 nominations 2 nominations