ⓘ Fíachna Lonn mac Cóelbad


ⓘ Fiachna Lonn mac Coelbad

Fiachna Lonn mac Coelbad was a Dal nAraide king in modern County Antrim, Ulster. He was the son of Caelbad mac Cruind Ba Drui, a high king of Ireland and King of Ulster and brother of the previous Dal nAraide kings Saran mac Coelbad and Condlae mac Coelbad.

He listed the king as the successor of his brother. In some annals he is mentioned as a participant in the battle Ochae Faughan hill, near Kells in 482, which overthrew the high king of Connacht Alila molt. The annals of Ulster call him the son of the King gave nAraide. While other later Chronicles, such as the Chronicum Scotorum to call him king, OOO nAraide.

The descendants of his brother Condlae was to provide the ruling line Choelbad LLC nAraide.

  • Book of Leinster, he succeeded his uncle Fiachna Lonn mac Coelbad as king of Dal nAraide. He succeeded Cairell mac Muiredaig Muinderg of the Dal Fiatach
  • Dal nAraidi Caelbad mac Cruind Ba Drui Saran mac Coelbad Condlae mac Coelbad Fiachna Lonn mac Coelbad flourished 482 Eochaid mac Condlai d. 553 Aed
  • fell at the hands of Eochaid Mugmedon. Caelbad also had a son, Fiachna Lonn mac Coelbad who was a King of the Dal nAraidi. The Annals of the Four Masters