ⓘ Condlae mac Cóelbad


ⓘ Condlae mac Coelbad

Condlae mac Coelbad was a Dal nAraide king in the time of Saint Patrick. He was the son of Caelbad mac Cruind Ba Drui, a high king of Ireland and King of Ulster and brother of the previous Dal nAraide king Saran mac Coelbad.

His exact dates are unknown, as he is listed only in the lists of the king, not in the Irish annals. Acai Vita Patricii Sancti preserve the history that he received Patrick with humility, and gave him Domnach Combair Muckamore, County Antrim for the Church. In the result, Patrick gave him and his descendants his blessing over those Saran, who fiercely opposed him.

Condlaes descendants Choelbad UI eventually dominate the Kingdom. His son Eochaid Mac Condlai died 553 was the king of all Meadow.