ⓘ Sárán mac Cóelbad


ⓘ Saran mac Coelbad

Saran mac Coelbad was a Dal nAraide king in the time of Saint Patrick. He was the son of Caelbad mac Cruind Ba Drui, a high king of Ireland and King of Ulster.

He is listed in king lists such as in the book of Leinster and laud sync, but not mentioned in the Irish annals. Pedigrees such as pedigrees laud and Rawlinson genealogies give him a reign of 26 years. Another mention of Saran in acai Vita Sancti Patricii. According to this, Saran made a RAID on the Irish part of dal riata, and took several prisoners.

Mac Artain of Kinelarty, County down come down with it, as specified in the genealogies of Keating.

  • Ulster and brother of the previous Dal nAraide kings Saran mac Coelbad and Condlae mac Coelbad He is listed in king lists as successor to his brothers
  • Ireland and King of Ulster and brother of the previous Dal nAraide king Saran mac Coelbad His exact dates are unknown as he is only listed in king lists and
  • Dal nAraidi Caelbad mac Cruind Ba Drui Saran mac Coelbad Condlae mac Coelbad Fiachna Lonn mac Coelbad flourished 482 Eochaid mac Condlai d. 553 Aed
  • the Ui hAitidhe was the Mac Aonghusa Magennis Mac Guiness who ruled Clann Aodha Clan Hugh and were descended from Saran a descendant of Echach Cobo
  • the hands of Eochaid Mugmedon. Caelbad also had a son, Fiachna Lonn mac Coelbad who was a King of the Dal nAraidi. The Annals of the Four Masters, annal