ⓘ Memel Workers' Party


ⓘ Memel Workers Party

Memel Workers Party was a communist organisation in the Memel Territory in 1925-1935. The party was founded in 1925. Hermann Suhrau and Adolf Monien served as chairmen of the party. The party was primarily supported by agricultural workers.

  • Democratic Party of the Memel Territory German: Sozialdemokratische Partei des Memelgebietes was a social democratic political party in the Memel Territory Klaipeda
  • The Memel People s Party or MVP German: Memellandische Volkspartei, Lithuanian: Klaipedos krasto tautos partija was a pro - German political party in the
  • 1898 in Memel East Prussia present - day Klaipeda, Lithuania He was a wood - and construction worker He was a workers leader in inter - war Memel Suhrau
  • Landwirtschaftspartei or MLP Memel People s Party Memellandische Volkspartei or MVP and Social Democratic Party of the Memel Territory Sozialdemokratische
  • Communist Party Party of Italian Communists Communist Party Italy Communist Party of Lithuania Communist Party of the Memel Territory Communist Party of Moldova
  • The Klaipeda Region Lithuanian: Klaipedos krastas or Memel Territory German: Memelland or Memelgebiet was defined by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles
  • also an organizer of the Agricultural Workers Union of the Memel Territory. Plennis was elected to the first Memel Territory Assembly in 1925, being the
  • Voice of Memel was a socialist newspaper published from Memel present - day Klaipeda, Lithuania It was a mouthpiece of the Social Democratic Party of Germany
  • near Memel East Prussia today Silininkai, Lithuania and was trained to work as a blacksmith in his youth. He joined the Social Democratic Party SPD
  • and a poor harvest in 1952. Workers cost of living therefore rose, while the take - home pay of large numbers of workers many of whom depended on overtime