ⓘ World Television Day

1976 in television

The Olympics, broadcast from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, draw an estimated one billion viewers worldwide. Matsushita introduces the VHS home video cassette recorder to compete with Sonys Betamax system.

1978 in television

For 1978 in television, see: 1978 in Danish television 1978 in South African television 1978 in Australian television 1978 in Thai television 1978 in Belgian television 1978 in American television 1978 in Canadian television 1978 in French television 1978 in Chinese television 1978 in Irish television 1978 in Japanese television 1978 in Croatian television 1978 in Dutch television 1978 in Scottish television 1978 in Brazilian television 1978 in New Zealand television 1978 in British television 1978 in South Korean television 1978 in Italian television

1980 in television

For 1980 in television, see: 1980 in German television 1980 in Greek television 1980 in South Korean television 1980 in Thai television 1980 in French television 1980 in Scottish television 1980 in Estonian television 1980 in Belgian television 1980 in Brazilian television 1980 in Croatian television 1980 in South African television 1980 in New Zealand television 1980 in Dutch television 1980 in Chinese television 1980 in American television 1980 in Philippine television 1980 in Canadian television 1980 in British television 1980 in Japanese television 1980 in Australian television 1980 in ...

1987 in television

For 1987 in television, see: 1987 in South African television 1987 in Australian television 1987 in Canadian television 1987 in American television 1987 in German television 1987 in French television 1987 in New Zealand television 1987 in Philippine television 1987 in Belgian television 1987 in Japanese television 1987 in British television 1987 in Dutch television 1987 in Albanian television 1987 in Scottish television 1987 in Danish television 1987 in Irish television 1987 in Norwegian television 1987 in Israeli television 1987 in Brazilian television 1987 in Czech television

1988 in television

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2004 in television

2004 in television may refer to: 2004 in South African television 2004 in Spanish television 2004 in Irish television 2004 in Italian television 2004 in Danish television 2004 in New Zealand television 2004 in American television 2004 in Dutch television 2004 in Portuguese television 2004 in Polish television 2004 in Scottish television 2004 in Thai television 2004 in Albanian television 2004 in Norwegian television 2004 in Israeli television 2004 in Indonesian television 2004 in Philippine television 2004 in German television 2004 in Japanese television 2004 in British television 2004 in ...


ⓘ World Television Day

In December 1996 the United Nations proclaimed 21 November as World Television Day commemorating the date on which the first World Television Forum was held in 1996.

world television day is run every year.

Opposition to this declaration took the form of 11 abstentions to a vote on the resolution; in expressing their opposition, the delegation from Germany said:

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