ⓘ Women (disambiguation)


ⓘ Women (disambiguation)

  • Women Sollers novel
  • Women Bukowski novel, a 1978 novel by Charles Bukowski
  • Women, the second book in the Mothers and Daughters comic book series by Dave Sim
  • The Women play, written by Clare Booth Luce and first staged in December 1936
  • The Women novel, a 2009 novel by T.C. Boyle
  • The Women, a 1996 book by Hilton Als
  • Women Sebastian novel, a 1933 novel by Mihail Sebastian

1. Film and television

  • Women: Stories of Passion, an American television series
  • The Women 2008 film, a 2008 update of the 1936 play and 1939 film, written and directed by Diane English
  • Vous les femmmes TV series, a French comedy show, translated as WOMEN! on British television
  • The Heart of Woman, a Taiwanese television series, also known as Women
  • The Women 1939 film, an American comedy-drama directed by George Cukor, based on the play by Clare Booth Luce see above
  • Women – for America, for the World, a 1986 short documentary
  • Women 1977 film, a Hungarian film
  • Women 1997 film, an internationally co-produced drama
  • Women 1985 film, a Hong Kong drama directed by Stanley Kwan
  • Women 1934 film, a Chinese drama directed by Shi Dongshan

2. Music

  • "Women" Amanda Lear song, 1985
  • Women album, their 2008 debut
  • Women band, a Calgary indie rock band
  • "Women" Foreigner song, 1979
  • "Women" Def Leppard song, 1987
  • "Women" Lou Reed song, 1982