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ⓘ Seljord

Seljord is a municipality in Telemark in the county of Vestfold og Telemark in Norway. It is part of the traditional regions of Upper Telemark and Vest-Telemark. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Seljord. The parish of Siljord was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838.

Seljord is famous for its sea serpent, Selma, who allegedly lives in lake Seljord Seljordsvatnet.

Dyrskun annual market, held since 1866, attracts 60-80.000 visitors each year. A big fair started as a show of farm animals. Today it includes a huge market with vendors selling various goods, including base layer clothing, Bergans outdoor equipment, crafts and food. Rides are also shown.

Seljord Folkehogskule is located in Seljord. The school offers various courses, including outdoors, theatre, music and art. Seljord Folk School

  • km long Lake Seljord Seljordsvatnet in Seljord Telemark, Norway. The sea serpent Selma has been depicted in the coat of arms of Seljord since 1989.
  • Seljord Idrettslag is a Norwegian sports club from Seljord Telemark. It has sections for association football, team handball, Nordic skiing and equestrianism
  • Seljord Lake Seljordsvatnet is a lake in the municipality Seljord in Telemark, Norway. The main influx river is Vallaråi, and the lake drains through
  • proponent for Nynorsk, and a local politician. Sandsdalen was born in Seljord the son of farmer Johannes T. Sandsdalen and Hæge Vetlesdotter Kjota.
  • Bilruter AS is a Norwegian bus company based in Telemark with headquarters in Seljord The company operates regional and express buses, and through subsidiaries
  • 1722 1800 the legendary strongman from Telemark. Telnes was born at Seljord in Telemark, Norway. He was the son of Nils Sigurdsson Forberg 1815 - 1874
  • Dyrsku n is an annual agricultural show held in Seljord Norway. It originates from the first exhibition held in 1866. Dyrsku n was primarily a showcase
  • V The oldest written account of Selma, a legendary sea serpent in Lake Seljord The construction of Frogner Manor is finished. 15 May - Christian Jensen
  • 1989. M.B. Landstad på nært hold: belyst ved familiebrev. Seljord Landstadinstituttet i Seljord Oslo: I kommisjon hos Det norske samlaget, p. 113. Tveit