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Nissedal is a rural municipality in Telemark in the county of Vestfold og Telemark in Norway. It is part of the traditional regions of Upper Telemark and Vest-Telemark. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Treungen. The municipality of Nissedal was established on January 1, 1838. As of 2018, Nissedal is home to 1.489 full-time residents and 2.246 vacation homes.

Nissedal was called Telemark "Riviera" due to its proximity to Gautefall ski centre, due to its many camping sites and places for recreation. Just 1.750 lakes in Nissedal, including lake Nisser, the seventh largest lake in Norway, which Nissedal name. Gautefall, which is home to the largest ski center of the County of Telemark is next to the municipality. For residents of cities near the Oslo fjord, Gautefall nearest winter sports destination.

Nissedal is recognized as one of the best places in Norway for climbing. It is home to Hægefjell, one of the most popular mountain Norway rock climbing.

Important industries in Nissedal are agriculture, forestry, farming, food and tourism.

The municipality is bordered by the Fyresdal to the West, North, Kviteseid, Drangedal to the East and South, Norway and municipalities * Larvik in the South.

  • Nisser is a lake in Nissedal Norway. It is the 13th - largest lake in the nation by area with a surface area of 76.30 km², the 10th largest by volume at
  • Sigvald Oppeboen Hansen born 21 September 1950 in Nissedal is a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament
  • Samnanger municipality in Hordaland county, Norway Nordbygdi, Nissedal a village in Nissedal municipality in Telemark county, Norway Nordbygda, Oppland
  • Treungen is a village in, and the administrative centre of Nissedal municipality, Telemark county in Norway. Located just east of the village Tveitsund
  • and Fyreselv. The confluence is located by the village of Haugsjåsund in Nissedal municipality in southern Telemark county. The river flows south into the
  • valley and about 1 kilometre 0.62 mi south of the municipal border with Nissedal in Telemark county. List of lakes in Norway Måvatn in Norwegian yr
  • operate routes in the municipalities of Vinje, Tokke, Fyresdal, Kviteseid, Nissedal Seljord and Bo in Telemark, and Åmli in Aust - Agder. The company has 184
  • Norway. It covers the municipalities of Kviteseid, Vinje, Tokke, Fyresdal, Nissedal and Seljord and is subordinate Agder Court of Appeal. The courts of Norway
  • 1958 was a Norwegian politician for the Labour Party. He was born in Nissedal He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from the Market towns of Telemark
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