ⓘ Mandal, Norway


ⓘ Mandal, Norway

Mandal is a municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway. It is located in the traditional district of Sorlandet. Mandal is the southernmost municipality in all of Norway, with the tiny skerry of Pysen being the southernmost point of land in Norway.

The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Mandal. In the town of Mandal is the second largest city by population in vest-Agder after the nearby city of Kristiansand and it is also the fourth largest city in all of sorlandet / Agder region. In addition, in the town of Mandal, the municipality also includes the village of Bykjernen, Skjebstad, Sånum-Lundevik, Skogsfjord-Hesland, Krossen, Harkmark, Skinsnes-IME, and that recreation-Skjernoy.

In the 223 square kilometer 86-square-mile municipality is the 321st largest area of 422 municipalities in Norway. Mandal is the most populous 77th municipality in Norway with a population of 15.600. The municipalitys population density of 74.1 inhabitants per square kilometer 192 / sq. and its population increased by 9.9% over the last decade.

In Mandalselva river salmon river, which flows through the municipality with its estuary near the city. Mandalas many small white painted wooden houses, which is typical of towns on the South coast of Norway sorlandet. Highway European route E39 connecting Kristiansand and Stavanger main road through Mandalas. There are connecting flights on planes and ferries to Europe from Kristiansand.

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